About Me

My name is Viren Ace Cecilio.  I am a 21 year old graphic designer / artist based out of the Bay Area. 
I have 8+ years of self-taught graphic design experience, I first picked up Photoshop when I was about 13 years old and have continually pushed myself to where I am now. 
At first, I really focused in on creating designs graphics for sports such as basketball or football because that's what I was interested in. But as of late, I've been challenging myself to work on things that were outside of my comfort zone which could be seen in my 'Personal Work' section. 
With an initial focus on sports design, I'm currently looking for job opportunities wherever available as well as freelance work or commissions. I've built my art on the interest of creativity and being able to work on projects seeing the little mechanisms in my brain paint a picture and being able to make that come to life and I hope I'm able to express that with you.

Feel free to contact me on any social media platforms, or e-mail me at virenacedesigns@gmail.com

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