About Me

My name is Viren Ace Cecilio.  I am a 23 year old freelance graphic designer, video editor and content producer based out of the San Francisco Bay Area.
From the age of 14, I've been captivated by the worlds of graphic design and sports, all thanks to my dad's trusty work laptop. It was there that I stumbled upon Adobe Photoshop, igniting a passionate interest in design that has burned brightly ever since.
My journey from that moment has been an exhilarating rollercoaster of skill development, and I take immense pride in the creative professional I've become today.
I've also delved into the realm of video editing, accumulating over 10 million views on my YouTube channel. This experience has not only refined my editing skills but also deepened my affection for the art of visual storytelling.
Recently, I've been pushing myself to explore projects beyond my comfort zone, as evident in my 'Personal Work' section. These pieces showcase designs I've been eager to create, encompassing my enduring passions such as music and the transformation of quotes into unique art pieces, visualizing my personal perspective on these quotes.
I am currently open to job opportunities, freelance work, and commissions in any available field. My artistic journey centers on the joy of creativity and the satisfaction of seeing my mental concepts come to life in tangible projects. I look forward to sharing this creative journey with you.
Feel free to contact me on any social media platforms, or e-mail me at virenacedesigns@gmail.com

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